Should We Really be Calling HTML a Programming Language?

Hypertext Markup Language isn’t a programming language. I’d like to supply an easy reasoning which is easy to comprehend by the lay-person. (This is not intended to be a comprehensive argument, but somewhat a short explanation that proceeds only a little more at length than “Hypertext Markup Language is not a programming language but as an alternative a mark up language.”)

Hypertext Markup Language is no more a programming language than Microsoft Term is. Bullet-points and tables and pictures can be added at the same time. That is all completed through the term processor’s graphical user-interface. 

A html-file is comparable, except it will not have a GUI.

Programming languages, however, make determinations and can process information. It is possible to save information like text strings and integers, then control these values to execute computations.

Programming languages also can make choices in what instructions they should run. Depending on if a specific state is true or untrue, some instructions might be executed or jumped by a software. Here’s a Python instance of such code:

if password == 'rosebud':
    print('Access granted.')
    print('Access denied.')

Programming languages also provide methods of running instructions repeatedly in iterations. Iterations, if-else statements, and other such guidelines are called flow-control statements. All programming languages have these flow-control statements, but Hypertext Markup Language (and Microsoft Phrase) do maybe not.

JavaScript is a programming language. It’s all these characteristics of data-processing and flow-control. It’s a clearly different matter from Hypertext Markup Language, while JavaScript can be used in many webpages.

It can’t be called a programming language, because Hypertext Markup Language lacks these characteristics. One does perhaps not “write software in Hypertext Markup Language” nor could one “write hypertext markup language code”. You shouldn’t record Hypertext Markup Language in your cv under “programming languages”.

The distinction isn’t only a snobbish view of elitist pc software developers. While this post is certainly not the certain and whole reasoning of what a “programming language” is, it is better to understand the general dissimilarity between programming language and HTML.

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