Should We Really be Calling HTML a Programming Language?

Hypertext Markup Language isn’t a programming language. I’d like to supply an easy reasoning which is easy to comprehend by the lay-person. (This is not intended to be a comprehensive argument, but somewhat a short explanation that proceeds only a little more at length than “Hypertext Markup Language is not a programming language but as an alternative a mark up language.”)

Hypertext Markup Language is no more a programming language than Microsoft Term is. Bullet-points and tables and pictures can be added at the same time. That is all completed through the term processor’s graphical user-interface.  (more…)

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Python and Django App Hosting

Tools developed by net communities become really strong and effective today. They allow programmers to operate quicker and more efficiently. Django is a great example of the system which allows computer programmers and programmers to make applications without waste of time. Merely a couple lines of code in Django let you create a site, gallery, or just a content management system for your website. The Django framework is also fast and easy method to master the Python programming language in addition to fast development.

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