Should We Really be Calling HTML a Programming Language?

Hypertext Markup Language isn’t a programming language. I’d like to supply an easy reasoning which is easy to comprehend by the lay-person. (This is not intended to be a comprehensive argument, but somewhat a short explanation that proceeds only a little more at length than “Hypertext Markup Language is not a programming language but as an alternative a mark up language.”)

Hypertext Markup Language is no more a programming language than Microsoft Term is. Bullet-points and tables and pictures can be added at the same time. That is all completed through the term processor’s graphical user-interface.  (more…)

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A Look at the Top Web Programming Languages

Everything started with Tim Berners Lee at CERN along with the traditional HTML. CERN, which can be now mainly popular for the Large Hadron Collider, has lately acquired leading promotion by pulling the interest of frivolous news pursuing the chance of a black-hole. I do believe even greater when compared to a black hole indicating the finish of mankind, is the digital universe that’s mostly influenced her progression. Hypertext Markup Language afterwards became lingua franca of some sort of that has been becoming larger while creating our actual world smaller and smaller. (more…)

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