Should You Use WebFaction Hosting?

Yes, there are tons of hosting companies. An easy web hosting bundle is easy and amazingly economical to come by these days. For us, purposeful hosting generally demands running our own host; whether it’s a dedicated server, VPS, or self-hosted host in the garage. What we want is a happy medium between watered down common hosting revolutionary server direction and bundles.

In that middle-ground, the choices are more costly, and much fewer. Luckily, there’s one stand out firm, WebFaction. WebFaction advertises their goods as “hosting for programmers.” They offer a common web hosting service that boasts many of the advantages of a VPS or dedicated server, to describe their services only. Their merchandise is perfect for computer programmers and well-informed technology geeks looking to host small to medium sized sites on a budget.

Preceding Hosting Forays
I’ve attempted several of the dime-a-twelve shared hosting providers. I’ve also attempted my own self, a passionate server, and a VPS -hosted host. During that jumping approximately I learned a lot about what technologies and services I was looking for, and the cost I was willing to pay. Because time, the greatest alternative I discovered was a common hosting package offered by 1&1 web hosting. The precise bundle I ‘d has been discontinued, but it was 1 of their central variety bundles. It costed $9.00 a month and contained one domain name.

Their support was wonderful, and I recommend them if you simply desire clear-cut hosting. But, the constraints of a run of the mill shared hosting bundle was strangling my geeky side. I desired to run shell scripts and scheduled jobs (cronjobs). And I was experimenting with Python driven web sites which 1 & 1 does not support. After years of driving at the borders of what the common bundle offered, I started studying choices. I did not desire to raise my prices substantially, if any, but I was looking for a more adaptive service.

I shopped around a lot, but WebFaction had brilliant reviews to go together with it and the finest looking merchandise. So, on the surface, it’s a tad more pricey for a marginally lesser bundle. But under the surface, it is a drastically different narrative. They offer shell access, python hosting, data banks with greater permissions, and considerably more. The additional abilities more than make up for the little cost difference.

Diving into WebFaction
The added attributes for a decent price were too enticing to avoid. The procedure was about as painless as transferring domain name, e-mails, and internet sites could be.

WebFaction utilizes an alternative set up procedure for providers and web sites than 1&1 and the other hosts I ‘ve attempted. But, they’ve amazing instruction manual and it was not hard to figure out. Repeating what I ‘d with 1&1 was all doable via FTP, phpMyAdmin and the control panel and was reasonably simple.

Once every thing running effortlessly and was transferred around I started experimenting with the shell accessibility. This enabled me to fix a pain in the ass timezone problem I ‘d been having MySQL and with a WordPress plugin. This skill to write a back-up script and the private MySQL example only made the changeover rewarding.

There Is little to say besides thank you WebFaction! You’ve a fantastic service, and offer the perfect alternative for me. In case you are shopping for an internet hosting offering something between “common” bundles and full blown servers, search no farther.

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